April 19, 2022 Arielle Chanelle

Living A W.H.O.L.E Life – Worship

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Welcome to Arielle Chanelle Enterprise LLC! I am Arielle Chanelle, and If this is your first time hearing about me or the company, thank you for deciding to spend part of your day with me. If there is one thing that I do not take for granted, it is people’s time, so I truly appreciate you.  With that being said, let’s get down to business. 

Arielle Chanelle Enterprise is a company that is dedicated to helping people live a whole life.  We create content that builds a safe space for people to grow as themselves, in turn allowing them to discover the freedom and fulfilment in their journey through life. In walking out my own life’s journey I have found that it can be overwhelming at times, but breaking it down into 5 principles – Worship, Health, Occupation, Love, and Exploration has helped me along the way.  It’s like having a well balanced breakfast, as the commercials used to say. 

So, let’s dive into what in the world I’m talking about by starting with the first principle – Worship.  This is by far the first because it is most important.  Without understanding its importance, we cannot begin to truly live life to the fullest.   

If this is not your first encounter with me, then you know one of the main things that I’m known for is singing.  I am the worship leader at my church and have released music of my own.  Over the years, I’ve gotten a lot of comments from people explaining how much they enjoy listening to me sing and asking me to help them worship as I do.  Well, this is my first lesson and I’m giving it to you for free. Are you ready for it?  The lesson is…WORSHIP DOES NOT EQUAL GOOD SINGING! That is the most important thing for anyone to understand before we move on in any way.  Don’t feel bad, you are not alone if this is what you thought.  I had to learn this for myself as well.  See, we are all called to be worshippers; it’s in our DNA…but, not everyone is called to be the next Beyoncé. 

Worship is defined as showing “reverence and adoration for a deity” (Oxford Languages).  This is giving love and respect to a higher being.  I am a follower of Christ, so in the bible when it talks about worshipping God, it says “God is a spirit, so those who worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24).  In both the definition and the scripture, the words sing, song, and music are nowhere to be found.

 The first step of worshipping is recognizing and acknowledging that there is a power greater than ourselves. From there we can bestow the love and respect that is deserved.  It may be hard to understand when talking about an invisible force, but we copy this in the natural world as well with kings and queens, presidents, judges, and even parents.  When we recognize who they are we move different in their presence, we respond to their words differently, etc.  There is a freedom that comes along with worshipping as well because as we acknowledge this power for who they are, we believe they will also move according to their responsibilities, which takes that weight off our own shoulders. 

So why is it that when we think about worship, the first thing we think about is music?  Music is one of the greatest expressions of worship because it speaks from soul to soul.  Music is a language and does not need English, Spanish, or French interpretation.  It can make a group of strangers laugh and/or cry together without one word being spoken.  This does not mean that it is the only form of expressing worship.  Someone’s expression may be giving up time usually spent watching a movie to pray/meditate.  Someone else may be faithful in going to the gym and eating healthy, being on time to work, being faithful in their relationship, or getting to know a new group of people and their culture (do you see where I’m going?).

My challenge for you is to find how you express worship in your own life, and if you don’t know where to start…well, that’s what I’m here for 🙂

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