April 19, 2022 Arielle Chanelle

Living A W.H.O.L.E. Life – Occupation

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Arielle Chanelle Enterprise is a company that is dedicated to helping people live a whole life.  We create content that builds a safe space for people to grow as themselves, in turn allowing them to discover the freedom and fulfilment in their journey through life. In walking out my own life’s journey I have found that it can be overwhelming at times, but breaking it down into 5 principles – Worship, Health, Occupation, Love, and Exploration has helped me along the way. 

If you have been reading these in order, you know this is part III of my introduction to the company. We’ve finally hit the middle child of the bunch – Occupation.  I am a middle child, so I understand one when I see it.  This word has been misunderstood for far too long, and it’s time that it can be all of who it is, not what others think of it.

If I were to ask you “what’s your occupation?” What would you say?  You may tell me you are a doctor, or you may tell me you are a store clerk.  Those are both great answers! Now if I asked you why, what would you say?  I’m sure if I was a gambling person, I’d win big guessing your answer.  Most people’s response would be “to make good money/to make a living/etc.”  Although money is needed to live, there is still something wrong with this answer. If we break it down, we find that we’ve made making money the main goal.  We see it on tv and read about it all the time, “who has the most money in the world?” It has become the highest idolized thing in the land.  But is this all we were created for? 

If you can tell by now, I love breaking down words.  When I look at the word Occupation it simply is how we spend our time, and what place we hold while on Earth (the act of occupying).  To me, if we are to hold an occupation, it should point more towards our purpose for being on this Earth.  So, if you were to ask me, “what’s your occupation and why?” My answer should be something along the lines of “I’m a content creator because I want to use my social abilities to help people live free and whole.” 

Before I conclude, I don’t want you to misunderstand where I am going with this.  I am not condemning the idea of getting money.  Money is a necessary tool that is needed for us to do the things we need to…but it’s just that a tool.  If we only look to gain a hammer, we will miss the house that is being built.   

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