April 19, 2022 Arielle Chanelle

Living A W.H.O.L.E. Life – Health

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Arielle Chanelle Enterprise is a company that is dedicated to helping people live a whole life.  We create content that builds a safe space for people to grow as themselves, in turn allowing them to discover the freedom and fulfilment in their journey through life. In walking out my own life’s journey I have found that it can be overwhelming at times, but breaking it down into 5 principles – Worship, Health, Occupation, Love, and Exploration has helped me along the way. 

Yes, you’ve read those words already on the worship page.  This is part II of explaining the mission behind the company so it’s important for me to put it in each part.

Up next is health – If I were to ask you what the healthiest person in the world looked like, what would you say?  Would you comment on how many muscles they had?  Would you talk about how fast they run?  Would you note they eat mostly fruits and vegetables?  Growing up this was the first thing discussed. 

I can still remember health and fitness tests revolving around how far you could reach forward on a box from a seated position (can someone in this industry explain this to me, because I still don’t get it).  Growing up, I would not have been considered the healthiest person in the world (and I’m still not so don’t think that’s where I’m going with this).  I was always the largest of my mother’s five children, and I spent a good portion of my life focusing on getting into a smaller clothing size. 

Something that I did not focus on was how I felt inside.  Even though I was overweight, I was bubbly and energetic.  That did not come from my weight, but from my positive outlook on life.  My mental health was in tip-top shape, but this was not something that was talked about that much. So, I put it in an airtight Ziplock bag and stuck it in the farthest corner of my life’s freezer.

Fast forward and I have a better understanding of what being healthy looks like. Yes, it is important for me to make sure my physical being is in tip-top shape because that is the vehicle that carries me throughout my journey of life, but that is not where I stop.  Health is about maintaining the mind, body, and soul. They are all dependent on each other and need equal amounts of T.L.C. 

I am making a commitment to take care of all of me, and I invite you to do the same. 

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